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During my almost 20 years of medical experience I have always took interest in nutrition. For years my military buddies and I took protein supplements as well as other supplements. We were constantly working out and taking anything legal to keep that edge and stay in top physical condition. This did not change when I started working with protective details in high threat areas. We retained that same mind set, must stay in top physical condition at all times.


I had tried practically every protein supplement the major outlets supplied. They all provided pretty much the same result, blotting, gastrointestinal issues, difficult mixing, and that metallic after taste.  Well, due to the path I was taking to assist a buddy, I came across sources of all natural organic whey protein.  I knew about organics and all natural products. I have raised my children on a farm where we grew our own vegetables, raised free range chickens, picked fruit from our trees as well as had honey from our bees. I grabbed this idea of all natural organic protein supplements and ran with it.


I studied the idea and concept of whey protein powder, where it comes from and how it is made. I already knew about cattle for I worked on the family ranch with over 500 acres for cattle.  I studied the difference between all natural organic whey and the others. I studied the sources of what I now understood to be all natural and organic.


What is all natural and organic? To me that is using nature to grow or raise something. Once man-made chemicals are introduced into the equation, then it no longer is all natural or organic. If my body cannot digest it or recognize it, then it is not natural or organic. Granted, some natural organisms are poisonous and deadly, but I am referring to a substance that is altered from its natural state by a man made chemical. Your body rejects those added chemicals. This is why you have those gastrointestinal issues, and that metallic after taste is not due to natural substances. Why take a supplement that works against your body?


So, I set out to find a whey protein supplement that would fit what I believed to be the most natural and organic form. I searched local farms and searched farms in other states. I found a few farms in California came close to fulfilling my criteria. However, I soon found out that those farms and companies that stated their cattle were all natural and organic, were indeed NOT. Just because a cow is placed on grass for a few weeks prior to milking does not in my mind constitute organic or all natural. The path continued.


Much searching later I found a company in New Zealand that received its milk from cattle that were not subject to pesticides, hormone therapy, GMOs, over used antibiotics and etc. I continued down this path. I found out that these same cattle were raised on all natural organic grass for generations, never taken off, never to see a feed lot.  I found out that many of the laws in New Zealand restrict the acts that would be counter to all natural or organic.  I just had to try this product.


I had large portions shipped to my house to be tested my friends and family. We all loved it. It got so much praise for its taste, ease of mixing, and no gastrointestinal issues that everyone wanted more. But, they wanted more than a small baggy. I decided to start packaging the whey protein powder and selling it only to pay for the cost of the product. The whey protein powder grew in popularity. I was encouraged to expand so others could benefit from an all-natural organic whey protein supplement. I started a Facebook page and a website – A Better Whey brand name was born. I introduced the product to the groups I knew, the military and those that I now work with overseas.  The popularity has now grown to being offered in health clubs, health food stores, and even on Amazon.  Members of the armed forces, Army, Navy, Marines and Air-Force, are now using it.


It all started by my desire to help my military buddies and their families with better nutritional choices.  A Better Whey is a better nutritional choice then those mass produced chemically filled protein powders. You deserve A Better Whey. You are worth A Better Whey. Don’t settle for okay or cheap, choose A Better Whey. 

The Path to A Better Whey

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